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Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, current events has clearly shown that the new technology is here to stay and for good. However, out of the many cryptocurrencies currently in existence, the attention is focused on one cryptocurrency with great potential and vision of becoming the most acceptable alternative cryptocurrency in the world in terms acceptability and usability.

VirtacoinPlus cryptocurrency has been busy behind the scenes and is finally set to launch its long awaited project known as virtacoinworld. Virtacoinworld is a marketplace specially developed by the community to cover a wide range of essential services including but not limited to Shopping, Freelance, wallet, Exchanges, Hotel and flight bookings, and more.

Once Virtacoinworld goes live on August 1, service providers can begin registering to be able to offer services such as sale of products in the shopping and digital marketplaces, or offer freelance services in the services marketplace. Regular users on the other hand, will be able to patronize available services and pay with either fiat currency, or with XVP which is the only acceptable alternative in the marketplace in case a buyer runs out of fiat money or preferably wants to pay with XVP. This therefore means all service providers in the shopping and services marketplace will automatically accept XVP as an alternative to the fiat currency on which their products or services are offered.

In addition to securing features built within virtacoinworld, the integration of escrow system is a great measure that ensures both buyers and sellers are protected. This therefore makes it safer to shop or use the local exchange market with peace of mind knowing one is protected.

Integration of exchanges
As mentioned earlier, exchange services are also available in the marketplace for easy access in order to meet the urgent needs of both buyers and sellers without necessary leaving the marketplace. This makes it easy for both buyers to easily source for XVP or for sellers to covert XVP to accepted cryptocurrencies on the exchange platform. What more, users can also use the crypto2fiat exchange or local market to trade XVP for cash.

Indeed, the development of such essential services all in one mega platform is an evidence that the VirtacoinPlus community are resolved to actualizing their vision of making XVP a preferred option for businesses. It is also an indication that the value of XVP is expected to surge high since it will be backed more by services rather than being used as a speculative instrument for quick gain (although such can also be expected).

The significance of this project is seen as the beginning of great things and better days ahead for the VirtacoinPlus community. It is indeed a big leap for XVP and a great way to get noticed in no distant future as the community seek to convince investors that XVP is a coin to watch out for.

Since the launch OF VirtaCoinPlus back in March this year (2017), following the collapse of original VirtaCoin (VTA) launched back on July 1, 2014, the XVP community are pursuing an ambitious vision of making XVP second to Bitcoin in terms of its usability.

According to it's vision which can be found on the official website, the vision behind the development of VirtaCoinPlus is to create a balance between ease of business and investment opportunities. By ease of business, it aims to make XVP the most preferred alternative to Bitcoin for business owners seeking for a fast, easy and stable mode of payment for financial transactions on the internet. VirtacoinPlus is one out of many cryptocurrencies, with a fast transaction speed which ensures transfers are completed in seconds. With This, the community believes is a key feature that is important to businesses, startups and investors.


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