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October 10, 2017
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The LUXCORE organization was born out of the idea to build an Enterprise ready blockchain ecosystem that is customizable, scalable from an innovation perspective and accessible to the regular end users, other blockchain solution providers and enterprises and institutions. LUXCORE’s open-source blockchain includes the groundbreaking, energy-efficient, ASIC resistant algorithm PHI1612; the tradeable commodity, LuxCoin; Masternodes that act as a network security and rewarding system; Smart Contracts; and SegWit for improved transaction size and malleability. LUXCORE will provide a set of unique protocols and tools for easy integration across businesses that requires secure intra-organizational blockchain or permissioned blockchain networks. With its upcoming consulting arm, the company aims to set up, maintain, and improve such networks for organizations and institutions. Features of the LUXCORE Blockchain The word LUX is LIGHT in Latin. By offering a faster, more efficient, more secure and private transaction solution for individuals, institutions, and governments, LUXCORE sheds a new light on the mainstream usability of blockchains. LUXCORE’s PHI1612 presents the most efficient ASIC-resistant GPU mining algorithm, with faster hash rates and reduction of power and heat consumption by 10%. This is scientifically verifiable the details of which will be made available in the technical paper. LUXCORE blockchain features are available to end users at no extra cost. Anyone who uses the commodity LUXCoin can access the blockchain using LUXCORE wallets or mine to support the network and earn rewards. The security features of the blockchain are also available for everyone. As a hybrid chain that supports both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, the chain is more secure than traditional ones. The seed nodes, full nodes, and wallets that are unlocked for staking, also provide further network stability.