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After five years in development Invacio reaches ICO having evolved into 11 distinct but complementary divisions, each built over a groundbreaking core multi-agent system Artificial Intelligence so sensitive to the world and its changes the solutions it stands to revolutionize areas as diverse as big data, blockchain technology, communications, research, online privacy, finance, banking, and even security. No mere white paper Invacio’s achievement has already shown outstanding performance in live tests that have run the whole range of our products and services, from our award-winning Zero-Knowledge and end-to-end encrypted communications to our fintech. The progress of Invacio’s current live experiment designed to test and refine the interaction of certain of our financial-AI’s most basic features can be followed here. By taking part in this coin-sale you are involving yourself with a company composed of coders, data security experts, “white hat” hackers, scientists, hedge fund managers, senior Wall Street executives, engineers, statisticians, thinkers and entrepreneurs. Invacio’s team is innovative and curious, and because fully encouraging of new ideas and approaches continually makes very sudden and often unpredicted advances in many fields. Led by William James Dalrymple West in consultation with experts from NASA and FB-HHVM, for example, Invacio has developed an AI with an enormous appetite for knowledge. At work constantly, seeking out and mining all the data she can, from any and every available data-source, Jean is able to understand written and spoken language in real time, to interpret images and actions, and extends her reach through even the deep web, running exploratory, sortal and categorial analyses that allow her to appreciate relations that would otherwise remain completely hidden. In addition to this she surveys, gathers in and reacts to data from live news channels and social media, as well as from the 100,000+ live CCTV and satellite streams she is fed by. This has resulted in an Artificial Intelligence so sensitive to the world and its changes the solutions she is reaching stand to revolutionize areas as diverse as big data, communications, research, online privacy, the exchange markets and even security and intelligence. We welcome you to the world of Invacio. Invacio is a ground-breaking achievement in Distributed AI that resolves some of the world’s most complex and stubborn problems. Our scalable intelligent environments enable our AI to turn noise into data and data into information with unprecedented speed and ingenuity. Invacio’s AI continually evolves as it explores and develops it's storehouse of streaming and historic data. Adapting always to any circumstantial changes or demands our AI spontaneously improves its models through experience, becoming ever more complex and subtle, and ever more reliable.